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Couch Mold Removal

Regularly cleaning your upholstery is simply not enough in this day and time, where the troublemakers have grown in number, are more insidious and tend to get out of hand if not checked and treated for in time. If you live in a part of the city where the moisture content is higher than normal, there is a high chance that your home is susceptible to a mould infestation. Moisture in your house makes for the ideal conditions for mould spores to grow and flourish on your sofa, couches and other upholstery. Mould is one of the seemingly harmless types of fungus that slowly but surely deteriorates the air quality inside your house. Once it starts spreading on the surface of your couch, it can cause serious and at times, irreversible damage the fabric of the upholstery. You’ll need to be extra vigilant with regards to mould and at the first sign of trouble, call us for professional help. Our expert cleaners are well-trained professionals who are equipped with the skills and tools to deal with any kind of mould removal from your couches and sofas safely and effectively, without damaging or discolouring the fabric.

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