Magic Cleaning Sydney– Time and Rates

Our cleaning processes usually require a few hours. Nevertheless, the time it takes to finish a task depends on the amount of work involved, the amount of care required to handle the fabric, and the procedure adopted for the cleaning job. Our professionals work in a meticulous manner to achieve the best result using our standard as well as specialized cleaning procedures.
Couch Cleaning Sydney rates depend upon the type of services required for your cleaning needs. The standard charges for couch seat cleaning start at 120$ per seat. However, you’ll need to consider additional charges for stain protection, stain removal and other related services. The base rate for couch cleaning covers the following services:
• Steam cleaning for sofa arms
• Cleaning of the inside arms
• Steam cleaning for a throw pillow
• External cleaning of the back of the sofa
• Steam cleaning of the seat cushions
• Cleaning of the back pillow

Benefits of Magic Clean

People have no idea how much dirt and stains particles are deposited on their upholstery every single day. If you want to tackle them in order to preserve your hygiene and health, you should consider hiring our cleaning professionals. Listed below are a few benefits of employing professional Magic Clean services. 
• Reduces in respiratory problems
• Increases longevity of your leather and fabric upholstery
• Improves the air quality
• Leaves a positive impact on your guests



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Get a Quick Quote for Couch Cleaning Services in Sydney

You can call us if you need us to provide you with the cost estimates for your couch cleaning needs. We also provide quotes via email and through our website forms. The variables that we consider at the time of presenting a quotation are:
• Seating capacity of the upholstery in question
• Odors and smells that need to be removed
• Extent of soiling on the couch
• Type and sturdiness of the fabric or leather
• Scotchgard protection already in place
• The number and intensity of stains
• Wine stains and spots


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